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PattyBag is born from the long experience of craftsmanship and the desire to create something different from Marco and Patrizia !! The PattyBag Bags are the result of a long journey, and of a great experience developed in the field of leather craftsmanship, the desire for novelty has led us to combine leatherwork with other materials, accompanied by an incessant and constant research has generated a new and sparkling product !! The whole line is designed, made and produced in Italy completely by hand, respecting tradition. The materials used, leather, fabrics, rubbers, finishes are scrupulously selected, guaranteeing high quality and beauty of the finished product. With this project we wanted to give life to the most authentic spirit of Made in Italy. In the PattyBag bag you can find the experience of Italian craftsmanship, the customization of the product and the passion of an object made entirely by hand.

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